How To Fit

To fit this rear view camera and monitor is simplicity in itself (see picture on the left)

The connecting cable for the camera and monitor needs to be fed from the boot area through the vehicle (make sure there are no sharp edges that could snag the cable) 

When you have the cable in situ you can now locate the reversing lights power cable (on the left or right of the vehicle, it doesn't matter which, you only need to locate either one to make the electrical connection) You may well have to move carpet or boot lining to access the reversing lamp.

There will be two wires going to the lamp. Splice each of the wires and connect the red wire from the cable to one and the black wire to the other, now bind them separately with insulation tape.  

The camera comes with it's own mounting bracket to attach to the rear of your vehicle (We recommend just above the number plate on your car) The 3 cables attached to the camera can usually  be fed through an enlarged opening where the number plate light is usually situated. The cables are then fed through to the boot space area.

Find a suitable place on your dashboard to place your monitor, make sure it doesn't obscure your vision of the road in front. Feed the cable connected to the monitor down behind your dashboard.

Connect the AV socket from the monitor to the AV socket on the cable you have already fed through your car. 

Connect the AV socket from the camera to the AV socket on the other end of the cable that you have fed through your car.

Replace all carpets, linings and any trim removed when feeding the main cable through your car.

You now have a fully functioning rear view camera and monitor installed in yourvehicle and you will


when you select reverse gear.

Now how easy was that?