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Think about the kids!

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Hi,  many thanks for visiting our website today, 

Have you seen the shocking stories page?

Those are accounts of tragic accidents from all over the world that occurred quite recently and although we would all prefer not to read them, can we close our eyes and say they never happened?

Could any one of them have been you?

Now that you have arrived on this page, and we hope you will keep reading,  then you will understand our reasons for creating this website to let you know about one of the best safety features that you could possibly have on your vehicle.

A rear view camera and dashboard mounted monitor

And for so little money.

We do appreciate that many of you have warning sensors fitted to your vehicle, and sure you rely on those sounds to make you aware if anything is behind you.

But what if your reversing sensors are faulty and they don’t work?

But even if they do, are they really the best thing for warning you?

Can you be 100% sure that your child isn’t out playing behind you?

Do you know that for the sake of €39.99 you can make your vehicle very much safer.

You can do that with our inexpensive kit which comes complete with a rear view camera (it has night vision, so you can see in the dark) and a dashboard monitor (mini TV screen with full colour picture) together with all the connections.

You will never be in any doubt again.

With your new equipment fitted as soon as you select reverse gear the monitor will come alive giving you a full view of everything behind your vehicle.

You will be able to see if  anything is there before you move an inch.

The safety of our children is of paramount importance to us, and we have no doubts that yours are to you.

We created this site to let you know you that you can save yourself from reversing accidents and to show you how little they cost .

We do hope you agree that making a small investment in a great product like this shouldn’t take a whole lot of thinking about.

For far less than the cost of an evening out you can say that you took every precaution to ensure that when you reverse your vehicle you have been as responsible as you could possibly be.

You are probably aware that most new vehicles sold today have these kits fitted as standard equipment and if they are not they can be installed before delivery for a price (and it’s not for €39.99 we can assure you)

Why do you think they have them?

It’s not a gimmick.

Vehicle manufacturers clearly understand that we want our cars to be as safe as possible and this type of equipment helps them to demonstrate the thought and consideration they have put into their creations.

Now that this technology has become so much more affordable  we are so pleased to be able to tell you that you can have this previously expensive safety equipment in your car for €39.99 and that’s everything delivered to your door for FREE!

We should probably point out another great benefit when you are out driving and having installed this kit.

Are you nervous or worried about parking?

Parking is made so much easier with a rear view camera and monitor.

Reversing into a space in a car park or on the roadside becomes much simpler when you can see where you are going and what’s there (Green , Yellow and Red guiding lines will show you just how close you are).

Wouldn’t that be a good enough reason alone for buying one?

No more bumping into posts, other cars, driving over supermarket trolleys the list could go on, but we are sure you get the message.

(and we haven’t even mentioned lining up to hitch a trailer, that becomes child’s play)

We hope we have convinced you that ordering this kit for your vehicle is probably the best decisions you will probably make today.

All you have to do is click on any of the red text anywhere on this website to go to our order page.

Just fill in all your details, click send,  and we will get your camera and monitor carefully packaged and and on it’s way to you in the next available post. 

Just think of your peace of mind, or more worryingly are you prepared to take a chance for the sake of €39.99?

And we give you FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Ireland.

By the way the USA are introducing compulsory rear view cameras in all vehicle by 2018 so why don’t you go one better and fit yours before them?